What are ethics?

So, if we are going to put some focus on the importance of ethics, it is probably important to think about what ethics actually are. I know I went briefly into depth with it the other day, and to an extent I have spoken about it quite a lot of the past few weeks, it is important to actually define and understand what ethics is as a thing. The definition that we used before is that ethics is what gives you the decisions of what is right and wrong, and what you believe to be right and wrong. When you make a decision, you first analyse the impact of that decision but then you also analyse if you believe the decision to be right or not. For the most part, people will not choose the decision that they believe is the wrong one, or ethically or morally wrong. For the most part anyways, people decide to make the decision that they believe is right no matter what the impact is or what the overall consequences will be for all parties involved. This obviously does not go for everyone in the world, but I like to think that this is the thought process of the majority of people.

I do think that the environment and the situation that you grow up in and are moulded by is also what moulds your ethics. You know what is right or wrong or design your beliefs on what is right or wrong based on what you have seen growing up and the reactions to your decisions when you are a child. If you are punished or taught that something is wrong from a young age then that same punishment grows with you. In a way, it is like you are being trained to know what is right or wrong and really this is based on what the parents to be right or wrong. When the parents have a view or a belief about what is right or wrong they naturally put those same beliefs on their kids, because they want their children to grow up to be the best possible people in their adult ages. However, like I stated before those same parents were moulded by the situation and the environment that they were in growing up. This doesn’t make someone right or wrong either however. Just because someone has different ethics to you, does not make them bad or good people.

This is what is really important. As long as the people themselves follow what they believe to be the ethically and morally right is what is the most important. Like we have stated before, not everyone has the same ethics but everyone has a compass of what they believe to be right or wrong. Now, as long as people follow the good in their hearts and make the decisions that they believe to be best that is what is important for people and human kind as a whole. Children will grow up seeing all types of horrors and all types of good things too. That will naturally shape them and as a parent you cannot do anything to stop them from seeing the bad in the world. What is important is that you show the same children the good in the world so that they are aware it is out there.

AS long as everyone in the world makes the decisions that they believe is right and make the decisions that they believe is best the world will be a much better place. Sadly, you can’t stop the evil in the world and a lot of people cannot control that too. The ethics will stop you or allow you to make those decisions and there is nothing you can do about that. As long as you do what you think it is best that is all that matters.

I hope you enjoyed todays blog post but hopefully you also enjoy the blog posts before and the ones in the future!