My feelings on ethics

We have been discussing a lot of topics within this blog and it has never really been completely structured, but that is just the way I like to write and express my thoughts and feelings. I feel like ethics are a really important part of life that many do not realise the importance behind. Ethics are one of the things that make us people. They are one of the main things that make people who they are specifically too. If you are a person with thoughts and feelings and any type of ethical or moral fibre then you will realise that you make decisions based on those. People care about others or have feelings for others because of those ethics and morals.

But one of the more important things I think about when I focus on ethics is if a decision is right or wrong to you, and if once you figure that out you still make the decision you believe to be wrong. I think often if you are making a decision you base it on how you feel about the decision itself, and how you feel about the outcome of that decision. Sometimes we as people make a decision that we know is wrong, but we still make it because we perceive that the end result of that action is right. For example, if you are arguing with someone like a loved one on something and you hurt their feelings, you may have done so either on purpose or accidentally.

Many times people will make a decision or a comment during an argument that they know may hurt their loved one, but they will still decide to do so. This is because the person who makes the comment believes that it has to be said, and that ethically what they are going to say they believe to be right. That same decision may seem or be ethically wrong to the other however. It is all relative because of who you are. People have different and clashing ethics. Just because something is considered the right decision to some, does not mean that those decisions are right for the others. That is one of the best things about being a human. You consider these decisions based on how YOU feel as a person. The one negative about something like this is that you may always hurt or offend someone else without meaning to, but at times that is unavoidable anyway.

This is why people need to place more importance and focus on ethics through out arguments or clashes with others. We have mentioned it in a few blog posts before, but ethics make a huge impact and implications on the future when you may not even realise it. You can have a huge argument with your significant other and drive them to cheat on you. You don’t know just what the decisions that you make will do a lot of the time, ad you can never plan for implications and impacts you cant see ahead of you.