Good and Bad

Another important focus when talking about ethics is knowing the difference between what is good and bad and knowing the implications and impact that good and bad people and decisions make on the world as a whole. It is very easy to talk about what people think is good and bad and it is very easy to judge others based on what you think, feel or believe to be the right decision but that is not really what matters. Everyone in the world is aware of certain things however. There is specifically good and specifically bad things that you can do in the world and no focus on someone’s ethics will change that.

For example, helping others will always be a good thing no matter who you are or who you are helping. I know this sounds very basic and very obvious but for some and for certain situations, it actually isn’t. I’ll give you an example that is probably hard to actually relate with since it is probably very rare something like this happens. If there was a homeless man who you were to house and shelter and find a job with, no matter what that is the right decision because you are bettering someone’s life so much more than they could have ever imagined and you would have done more than mostly anyone else would have done. But if you were to either find out that that person was a murderer or that person did horrible and despicable things to people, would you think that you made the right decision? Worse yet, would you feel that you made the right decision if they had done it again?

That is the thing that makes you realise that a right decision to you may not be the right decision to someone else. You never know if someone will change or if someone has changed, and that is when you realise that every decision is relative to the person. I would personally believe that housing someone or helping someone that needs it is the right decision, but that is where the impact comes in. If they were to do the same horrible things that they have done in the past then maybe it is not the right or best thing to do. It really is relative to what happens after you offer the help.

At the same time, if you were to not offer the help then despite even thinking about the impact or implications of the decisions you make, you would think that the person is bad. You would think that if someone has the means or the resources to really help someone then they have a duty as a person to help. Especially if it does not do much negatively to you. But it really isn’t as simple as that sadly. It is the same as if you were to hurt or kill someone. You would obviously assume that if you were to hurt or kill someone that no matter what it is always a bad thing to do. I personally believe that, and I personally feel that despite what has been done in the past or what the person has done you should never hurt or kill anyone because of your own ethics. But some people out there do not feel the same.

If you or someone else was to murder someone, but it was done because the person who was being murdered had killed someone intentionally in the past, does that really make it the right decision? It really is ethically and morally wrong to ever hurt someone but the fact that some people genuinely believe the opposite is something that is hard to understand for me but wouldn’t be for someone else. The real focus about ethics and morals is that it really is relative to the person. That is really all that matters and you would never really know either.

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